Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weeks 4 and 5!!

So much has happened since our last update! Week 4 we got to join with the other 8 DTS schools on campus for corporate week. We heard from Darlene Cunningham, David Hamilton, and Matt Whitlock--all spiritual parents in the YWAM community. They shared about the history of YWAM, as well as the beauty of God--how He is infinite and personal at the same time and how we have been invited into His eternal story of redemption! It was an inspiring week for sure!

We ended corporate week by unrolling a giant map and walking across the nations, asking the Lord to SEND US wherever He desires, that His glory may fill the entire earth like waters cover the seas!

This past week we have been blessed by having Pastors Daniel and Theresa Jones with us from San Diego. Our theme for the week has been identity in Christ.

It's really been a time of igniting our faith and our giftings, and saying yes to His call on each of our lives. This week we have really opened our hearts to let the Holy Spirit come and do His work in us.

We have seen a lot of physical healings in our classroom too! Ears, backs, knees, ligaments, all being healed in Jesus' name!

The Lord has really been stirring our faith for what He wants to do through us. We've been realizing as a class that it's really not about us and our abilities at all, but about simply obeying God and walking hand-in-hand with Him. We are all getting stirred and excited for what He wants to do through us during our outreaches, and throughout our entire lives!

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