About C. Ablaze

Compassion Ablaze DTS is about connecting with the heart of the Father, locking eyes with Jesus, and walking in step with the Spirit. It’s about breathing in the Lord’s presence, character, and Word, and breathing out His unshakeable hope, enduring freedom, and transforming love. We are a family of servants, revivalists, and intercessors who want to seek the Lord’s heart for all spheres of society, join His cry for revival and justice, and go out to the nations with the freeing message of the Gospel and the compassion of Jesus.
Our heart is for the margins of society and for issues of injustice – for women and children-at-risk, those caught in the trap of systemic poverty, those without a voice, the homeless, those struggling with life addictions, and those have been sexually abused, trafficked or enslaved. We don’t just want to talk about bringing the joy and freedom of the Gospel to the hard places, we want to actually do it - to do whatever it takes to bring the presence and fragrance of heaven to those too often forgotten.
School leaders, Josh & Melissa Jensen, sense that the Lord is raising up this generation to close the gap between prayer and action. It’s no longer a categorical separation of “ministry”, “worship”, or “prayer”, but a holistic merger of all aspects of being a disciple of Jesus.

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